About the initiative

Since 2008

Paresh Baishya Foundation is a registered charitable trust which was formed on 27th August 2008 to cherish the dedication of Paresh Baishya,an eminent educationist and  journalist of  Assam.The Trust observes the Birthday of Paresh Baishya as Edu-Journalism Day on 15th September every year. The Trust deed is registered on 27th August 2008 and  Deed no. is 3361/08.The trustees are 1.Sri Paresh Baishya  2.Smt.Purnima Das Baishya 3.Madhu Sudhan Medhi 4.Rakesh Prakash Das

The Principal office of the Trust  :                                                                                              

Vill-Dalibari,P.O-Dadara PIN-781104,DIST.-Kamrup,Assam ,India

Objectives of the Trust are:-                                                        

1.To involve the people in the process of acquiring knowledge and excellence in the field of education ,health,journalism,art and culture and natural science.                                         

2.To organize,conduct and facilitate conferences, seminars, study courses,training programs ,lectures,workshops,Cultural programs in the field of Education, literature,science,Journalism and art and culture.                                                         

3.Institution of awards in various fields to encourage the dedicated and deserving persons.                                                                                                                                       

4.To conduct competitive examinations among the students.                                              

5.To establish Parenting schools.