The Paresh Baishya Foundation, a trust for the upliftment of education, organized an interesting children’s history meet at Ramdia Adarsh Primary School May 30 in collaboration with Pohar Bidyalaya and Ramdia Adarsh Primary School. Inaugurating the meet titled ‘ Bhaskar Barman ‘ prominent educationist Paresh Baishya said Kumar Bhaskar Burman is the second king of Kamrup after Bhagadatta who strongly presented the courage and heritage of Kamrup in the heart of India. Bhaskar Burman was once the ruler of Eastern India. Bhaskar Barman , on the other hand, formed an alliance with Harshavardhana, who conquered Aryavarta through his prowess, and distributed the glory of Kamrup to India. The discussants discussed Bhaskar Barman’s alliance with Harshavardhana, Huyen Chang’s visit to Kamrup, introduction of Kamrupi Year, Hansbeg, the personality of Bhaskar Barman and Bhaskar with Shilbhadra, Head of Nalanda University . Dipandita Kalita of class V conducted the meet. Other students who participated in the History Meet were Pallavi Deka, Loni Deka, Sontara Bharali, Bhargav Deka and Ragini Chakraborty respectively. Speaking at the opening of the meet, Saraswati Dutta, Headmistress l of Ramdia Adarsh Primary School, said the initiative of the Paresh Baishya Foundation is truly welcome. This will help to increase the love of history among the students and awaken the consciousness of the heritage of Assam. The event was attended by the President of Ramdia Adarsh Primary School Management Committee Anu Baishya Das , a large number of parents and more than 150 students. Ramdia Adarsh Primary School was recognised as Pohar Bidyalaya of Paresh Baishya Foundation and presented certificates. The students who participated in the history meet and drama were presented with certificates and books on behalf of the Paresh Baishya Foundation. The students also performed a cultural program on the occasion.