A Green Parliament was held among the students of Dispur Government Higher Secondary School today in conjunction with the upcoming World Environment Day. The main theme of World Environment Day 2023 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

The students of the school held an entertaining Green Parliament on the topic of “Environmental Pollution and Our Future”

Eminent educationist Paresh Baishya delivered the keynote address. He said that “Plastic is the enemy of biodiversity, yet an inevitable part of human life.Today Plastic has become so entrenched in our lives that it is not easy for humanity to get rid of it.”

He added that the world produces about 400 million tonnes of plastic annually. Of these, 90 percent are Single Use Plastic(SUP). He further added that microplastic particles are currently posing a major threat to human health. He stressed on stopping plastic pollution at source, practicing the use of alternative materials in daily life, using plastic waste for sustainable development, recycling plastic and creating public awareness against plastic.

The event was inaugurated by Dr.Dayananda Bhuyan, Principal of the school.The event was attended by Labhita Bora, Convenor of Youth & Eco Club and its members Mitali Saha & Kalpana Basumatary along with Mukut Choudhury, teacher of Dispur Government Higher Secondary School.

The participants of the Green Parliament were presented with certificates of participation, books and green caps on behalf of the Paresh Baishya Foundation.